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For Technology Professionals

Refer and earn substantial cash rewards! 

Earn cash rewards by referring great people from your network to job opportunities. You refer a great candidate and we take care of the rest. 

For Hiring Managers

The Recruiting Revolution...

RecruitWithUs is the new game-changer in town.  Our innovative low-cost operating model ensures your budget goes the extra mile.  With us, you get more relevant candidates to help build your perfect team.  Best of all, you only pay when you find that ideal candidate. 

Our Values


Consultants hired through the platform will know the rate the company is paying for their services. We hide nothing. 

Customer Obsession

We work very closely with hiring companies and technology professionals to create a seamless and positive hiring experience. 

High standards of excellence

We put our best into everything we do and hold each other accountable to high quality work. 



Earn $3,000 per full-time referral.

Earn $500/Month per contract referral.

RecruitWithUs emerged from the shared frustrations of hiring managers drowning in a sea of irrelevant resumes. We understand the time and energy wasted on sifting through countless applications to find that needle in the haystack – a qualified candidate. That's why we've revolutionized the hiring process, streamlining it to save you precious time and effort. Say goodbye to resume overload and embrace a more efficient way to find top talent with RecruitWithUs. 

How does it work?

Of the people, By the people, For the people.... 

We are the ultimate crowdsourced recruiting platform. We specialize in sourcing highly skilled IT professionals for both full-time and contract positions, all at an incredibly low cost. With our powerful network of technology experts, your job postings ignite a community-wide search as our professionals tap into their extensive connections and trusted reputations to refer top candidates. Not only do they earn generous cash rewards, but hiring managers enjoy a seamless and exceptional hiring experience. Get ready to elevate your recruitment game with RecruitWithUs. 


Why RecruitWithUs?

IT Professional

Never-Seen-Before Referral Bonuses

RecruitWithUs offers a unique business model that allows us to provide ultra low hiring fees and generous bonuses for successful referrals. For each successful full-time referral, we pay out $3,000, and for contract positions, we pay $500 per month.

Hiring Manager

Ultra Low Hiring Fees, Quick to Candidate Pipeline

With our low cost operating model, you will pay lower rates for contractors and a low flat fee for finding the perfect full time employee.  Imagine posting a job directly to our network of technology professionals and having them find the most suitable candidates for you.

Passive Income

IT Professional

Imagine a world where you can effortlessly boost your income by connecting your friends and colleagues with the perfect job opportunities.  RecruitWithUs is the ultimate referral platform that not only helps your network find fulfilling work but also rewards you with cash for every successful referral. With RecruitWithUs, all you have to do is refer a qualified candidate, and we'll handle the rest, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to earn lucrative cash rewards with RecruitWithUs. 

Hiring Manager

Our Community Actually Knows Tech

Fed up with recruiters who only pretend to understand your needs? Say goodbye to the guesswork and let our community of authentic IT professionals connect you with the ideal candidate. With RecruitWithUs, you can count on our rigorous screening and validation process to ensure you no longer receive resumes from self-proclaimed "Experts in [insert technology term here]". Trust us to deliver the skilled professionals you truly need. Experience recruitment done right with RecruitWithUs. 

Get Started Now

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