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Hiring Manager FAQ

With RecruitWithUs, hiring managers can establish a more direct link to a wider pool of talent. The RecruitWithUs network enables the talent pool to endorse the most suitable and available candidates for the position. By receiving dependable referrals from individuals with a strong understanding of technology, hiring managers can save valuable time.  RecruitWithUs strives to maintain the smallest margins in the industry, so consultants working with us earn more than if you worked with one of those “other” staffing companies. 

How can I sign my company up?

We work with every company to help set them up on RecruitWithUs to ensure our members have positive experiences with active and responsive job postings. Please contact to inquire about setting up your company.

How does the RecruitWithUs hiring process work?

When you post a job on RecruitWithUs, our community of IT professionals scour their connections to find someone who perfect for the position you've posted. Once a referral comes in, RecruitWithUs screens the candidate to ensure they would be a good fit for an interview, then we pass them along to you where you can manage the candidate pipeline through our custom Kanban style candidate board. RecruitWithUs guides both parties in the offer process as well.

How much are the hiring fees?

It's 100% free to post jobs on RecruitWithUs, we only charge if you hire a candidate. We charge a flat placement fee of $12,000 for full-time hires, and $15 per hour for contract hires. (Best in the industry)

What if a candidate quits early?

We charge the company 90 days after the candidate has been on the job for full time referrals. If the candidate quits before then, you pay nothing! 

For contract work, we charge the company based on their internal payout schedule, so it varies.

How can I be sure the candidates I receive are qualified?

After a referral comes in, RecruitWithUs will screen them to determine if they would be a good fit for an interview. Our community of IT professionals are not recruiters, they are professionals who work/have worked in the industry.

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