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Technology Professional FAQ

The RecruitWithUs network streamlines the process of finding exceptionally qualified candidates for hiring managers while also incentivizing the talent pool to refer trustworthy peers. Ultimately, all parties involved benefit from reduced fees for the service.

How Do I Join?

RecruitWithUs is currently in BETA and selectively inviting members to the network as we prepare for a public launch mid-2023. Membership is absolutely 100% free. Once you become a member, you will learn the various ways you can earn cash rewards by referring your colleagues to jobs that are perfect for them.

How do I refer someone?

RecruitWithUs makes it dead simple to refer someone, there are two ways.


1. You can enter in their first name and last name to generate a referral link. You can send that referral link to your candidate then let RecruitWithUs do the rest!

2. Enter their first name, last name, and email, RecruitWithUs will then send them an email notification and provide you a referral link that you can send them if you would like.

How do I get paid?

After a candidate has successfully been hired, RecruitWithUs will pay out full-time referrals after 120 days on the job. We also pay out $500 per month for contract referrals after one month on the job.

How much money can I make?

For full-time referrals, we pay out $3,000 after the candidate has been working 120 days on the job. 

For contract referrals, we pay $500 per month the candidate continues to work at the job they were referred.

How do I get paid?

We pay out referrals via PayPal. This way a majority of our members don't have to sign up to another third party payment system. Update your PayPal email here: RecruitWithUs.

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